Today, a month ago, I entered your bedroom—the room in which you slept by yourself after almost a month of our togetherness—and looked at your face. You looked peaceful, your mouth was slightly opened, a sign that you were too tired from our trip the day before. I landed a soft kiss on your cheek. You moved a little and I stepped back, didn’t want to wake you up. Not because it was too early in the morning, but because I had to leave before you’re awake.

That morning, I left you, my lover for a bit over than a year, without saying goodbye. I couldn’t afford any more tears, that’s why. But I couldn’t help it. Tears were streaming down my face as I pulled my big luggage away from you. Away from what used to be “us”.

Today, 31 days after our ‘official’ separation, after I told my family and friends that there’s not going to be a wedding, things still feel surreal. We talked about it a lot, didn’t we? But that’s not what I’ve been thinking about, every single time for 31 days. Not the cancelled marriage. It’s us. How we used to be so happy. How we used to be so in love. How we used to be so crazy for each other. How we used to look at each other. How we used to argue. How we used to fight—until the fight turned into something we no longer had control over.

Today, I had a talk with a very nice girl. “It happened to me, too,” she smiled, “one and a half month before the wedding. I had to send texts to all my family members and call the vendors to cancel everything. It was a huge pain in the ass but come to think of it now, I think it’s God’s way to save me.”

Today, as I opened my eyes, the first thing that came to my mind was a text from my best friend, as soon as she found out that we were separated.

I won’t ask for the details. You can tell me whenever you feel ready. But I want you to know that I love you.”

I remembered all the love, hugs, words of support, and encouragements from so many friends as I transformed into a walking zombie for at least 10 first days. Not to mention the rent-free rooms. I had no idea that I am loved by so many—until that day.

Today, after a visit to my therapist, a craniosacral and a shamanic healing session, I still ask the same questions. I still wonder. I still grieve. But I spend less time in the bathroom. I guess it’s a good sign.

Today, I think of us.

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On the Highlight Moments of 2012 and Stuff

Being a social media freak that I am, the first thing I did after I woke up today was scrolling through some updates on Facebook, Twitter and Path. It was then when I saw many of my friends published “Highlight Moments of 2012”. I found them pretty cool and decided to do the same, for the sake of reminiscing the good times, counting the blessings and being grateful. Well, those noble reasons, or I’m just being a mainstream person. 🙂

So here goes.

One of my highlight moments in 2012 is that fine evening in January, at the corner of a jazzy café when I was checking out a guy in nice pair of black shirt and pants and he was checking out a hot girl in a red dress and our eyes met. I blushed because he caught me and I was wearing sleazy clothes. I smiled sheepishly and it was then when he asked, “Do you like the music?” A question that started it all, if you know what I mean.

I forget the exact date we had our first kiss, but I remember that moment pretty well and it was definitely a highlight.

Also, the silent afternoon on the top of Batur mountain when the wind blew so hard and he insisted to climb a little more, all by himself and our guide shouted at him because it’s too dangerous and I shed my first tear because that very moment I realized that I didn’t wanna lose him. That’s when I realized that I’m in love. Oh, and the hot spring after. Totally.

The long silence before bed when he stared at me and said, “I was trying to put into words how much I love you,” when I asked what’s wrong. We had severe sunburns and I felt ugly and I was wondering if it would sting but those words quickly made me forget everything. Girls will be girls, eh?

That day in Rennes when I stepped out of the train, all confused because they left my luggage in a country 10.000 kilometers away from where I was and I couldn’t understand a single word spoken and it was cold and I started to freeze and someone appeared right in front of me with a huge bucket of pink and white roses. For a brief moment I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but there he was, real and tangible, his reddish cheeks formed a giant smile and the next thing I knew, I was in his arms.

Was it my top moment?

Or was it the last night in Paris, when that particular tower lighted up at 00:00 sharp and I had tears in my eyes and we kissed slowly, deeply, like the world’s going to end tomorrow, because fuck Eiffel, I was with someone I love the most.

And the brief moment afterwards when two cops yelled at us for running through that forbidden grassy path and we just kept running, hand in hand, laughing.

In 2012 I traveled to some other places, got jobs I’d never had, tried out new things, learned a new language, wrote my first poem in French, scratched off quite some number from my bucket list, and published some works. Read and wrote more? Done. I also took great pictures. Some of them are postcards quality, I tell you. It also turned out that I actually love wearing dress and stuff that make me look like a lady (heels are still a big no, though. Make-ups? Hate ‘em).

In 2012 I learned that love and relationship are not something one learns from Cosmopolitan or Elle. Heck, those are not even something we learn from what people say, or experience. Love is very personal and undefined and there’s no such thing as perfect relationship, even though they often appear so. And those quizzes? Do them but don’t take them too seriously.

So I guess that’s it. The end of year is almost here. Like a guest who’s about to leave a house she’s visited, let me close the last blog post of 2012 with the only appropriate way I know:

So long, 2012. Thank you for having me. Thank you for everything. It’s such a blessing.

P.S. If you have a little time, do check this piece out. It’s something I read at the end of every year. It’s beautiful and it has been somewhat a tradition. 😉

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On Life and Love

Sharing life and love stories in Grazia magazine, November 2012 issue.

 Thank you for the beautiful interview, G.

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One of Those Days

“I’m having a very bad day and I don’t want to talk about it.”

That was my response when my boyfriend asked me how I’m doing.

It’s one of those days when you’re stuck in between feeling hopeless and useless, when everything goes wrong and you just can’t do anything about it. One problem followed by another. Burdens piling up and you feel like your head can explode anytime.

So I didn’t want to talk about it.

“You look sad,” he said.

“I am. But let’s not discuss it. How was last night?” I replied.

He told me what happened the night before, things he did after he arrived home, and things he will be doing before lunch. He ended it with a question.

“Still don’t wanna tell your boyfriend about what happened today?”

Then it occurred to me.

My problems were not his problems. Telling my problems to him would not solve them. Sharing my burdens with my boyfriend would not make them disappear. But he’s *my* partner. The one I look forward to talk with every day. The one with a magnificent ability to look deeply into my eyes through 13 inches laptop screen and know right away that I’m not okay. The one I want to share my life with.

Shit happened. Life happened. But we’re in it together. 11 thousands kilometers apart and still together.

That realization kinda healed.

Mille merci, Bébé. :*

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When I Learn a New Language

It’s been quite some time since my last update. For those wondering what happened, I’ve been taking an intensive course that eats up literally half of my time and energy.

I had always been a nocturnal being. My work required limitless attention and I used to sleep in the morning. Sometimes I slept at 8AM or 9AM. 3AM would be a luxury. Then I enrolled into this intensive-whatever-course and I faced the reality that my life was never going to be the same. Now I wake up at 5 every morning and prepare myself for 4 hours of intensive learning. My last time at school was 11 years ago. To add up to all that, I was among the oldest ones in class. The girl sitting next to me is 10 years younger than me. Even my teachers are younger than me.

The first few weeks were hell. I was so tired I slept right away once I got into the cab. Every day. There were numerous fights with my boyfriend, lots of frustration and anger because, apparently, being the older student in class doesn’t guarantee you’d learn better than any other students. On the contrary, I had forgotten how to sit still for hours, how to absorb things.

Then, few more weeks later, something happened. I found myself smiling hearing the chirping sounds of my teenager friends. I even saw myself laughing with them. Listening to their conversations and jokes reminded me of those times when life was simple. When they laughed, they truly laughed. I often laughed to please people. These young students spoke, asked questions, learned, and listened because they wanted to. I started to love my teachers. It was not easy to teach someone like me. I bet my skinny ass it was a constant CHALLENGE for both teachers. In capitals. I just hope I didn’t cause traumas to any of them. 😀

Time flies–as cliché as it might sound. After a month or so, I became the oldest student in the class, and somehow I didn’t mind. Or maybe it wasn’t that important anymore. My French class has become an important part of me. I started to miss the class every now and then, even when we were having holidays. The tiredness was still a lot of pain in the ass but somehow I managed to cope better. I also learned that being older doesn’t mean smarter or better. In the class, we’re all the same.

But the most important thing for me was not the course itself.

I’ve always loved to see how people transform. Into a better version, or worse. Doesn’t really matter. It’s always such a marvelous experience to see people grow. In this class, I saw myself grow for two months and the growth was rapid. My friends and I started from zero and at the end of the first level we’re able to make conversations and short writings! Isn’t it craaa~zeh or what? And it brought me such joy to discover new things every day, though the genders, conjugations and exceptions still make me swear every once in a while. I am now able to converse with my boyfriend in his mother language. I can understand his phone conversations. I can flirt with him in French (oh yes, baby!), and dirty Skype sessions are so much more interesting. 😛

But the greatest moment for me was not the brief chat with my boyfriend’s parents who almost don’t speak English at all, en francais. It was not the inexplicable feeling when he looked at me with the brightest smile, saying how proud he was of me, nor the sense of satisfaction when the exam’s results were out. It was when I listened to myself, speaking in one of the most complicated languages in the world. It was when I read my own writings, altogether with mixed-up genders, conjugation mistakes and wrong accents. It was when I composed a conversation and found myself enjoying every bit of it. It was then that I realized, at the end, we never truly do something for other people. We do it for us. It always comes back to us.

And it was worth it.

Et voila.

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Jadi Freelancer? Boleh Aja Sih… Tapi Yakin?

Juli kemarin, resmi satu tahun saya menjalani hidup nekat sebagai seorang freelancer. Kenekatan yang, alhamdullilah, berhasil membuat saya survive setahun penuh, walau kadang bikin nggak bisa tidur juga dan beberapa kali terpaksa ngutang. Jadi freelancer memang penuh tantangan, makanya mbok yaooo jangan menyelepekan freelancer. (KOK CURCOL, JEN?)

Kendati menjanjikan petualangan dan hidup bebas tanpa jadwal (baca: nggak perlu bangun pagi, nggak perlu mondok di kantor, bisa jalan-jalan kapan saja), jadi freelancer bukan hal sepele. Jalan-jalan-kapan-aja-nya sih enak, tapi kalo nggak ada duitnya sama juga bohong, atuh! Beli tiket pake daun?

Pengalaman selama setahun inilah yang akhirnya menggerakkan saya untuk berbagi. Dibanding teman-teman freelancer lain yang jam terbangnya sudah jauh lebih tinggi, saya hanyalah setitik debu di semesta luas *apa sih*, tapi mudah-mudahan apa yang saya tuliskan ini bisa bermanfaat.

  • Satu hal yang menurut saya mutlak jika kamu berniat menjalani hidup rock ‘n roll sebagai freelancer yang hidup mandiri (tidak tinggal bersama orang tua): Dana darurat. Usahakan di rekening selalu ada tabungan untuk biaya hidup minimal 2 bulan. Biaya hidup ini bukan uang makan dan transpor thok, tapi juga biaya kos, bayar-bayar tagihan, beli pulsa HP, internet, dan sebagainya. Ini juga yang membuat estimasi dan kalkulasi sebelum betul-betul ‘terjun’ menjadi sesuatu yang amat penting. Terus, gimana kalau pengin jadi freelancer, tapi di rekening belum ada tabungan sama sekali? Ya silakan aja asal jantungnya kuat.
  • Rezeki tidak kenal waktu dan tempat, dan inilah salah satu petualangan terbesar para freelancer. Bulan ini, bisa saja kamu sepi proyek dan cuma menghabiskan waktu untuk tweeting dan main DrawSomething (udah pada bosen main itu belum, sih? ANYWAY). Bulan depan, bisa jadi kamu ketiban proyek besar yang bikin kamu begadang tujuh hari tujuh malam. Di saat-saat seperti ini, ketika kesibukan menggila dan kamu dituntut untuk sangat produktif, utamakan kesehatan. Pakai waktu yang tersisa di luar jam kerja untuk istirahat. Nongkrong di kafe anyar atau nonton midnight show di bioskop memang menggoda, tapi percayalah, gaul bisa ditunda. Health should always comes first. Ada amin? Amiiin.
  • Buat anggaran keuangan. Akan tiba saatnya kamu cuma sanggup makan di warteg (bukannya nyumpahin, sih), dan akan tiba juga saatnya kamu bisa makan di hotel bintang lima tanpa harus tunggu traktiran klien. Tapi rezeki nomplok sebaiknya jangan langsung dihamburkan, karena…. ya namanya juga freelancer, ya. Ada proyek saja nggak menjamin transferan lancar. Apalagi nggak ada proyek. Pakai kelebihan uang untuk memenuhi kebutuhan yang perlu diprioritaskan. Misalnya, sebelum gesek kartu debit untuk HP Android baru, coba ingat-ingat, sudah ada uang untuk bayar kos 3 bulan ke depan? Ingat juga bahwa pemasukan yang tidak menentu membuat perwujudan rencana kita jadi tidak terprediksi. Gimana mau nyicil mobil kalau bulan depan belum tentu bisa bayar cicilannya? Mau bayar KPR pake kolor tetangga? Dengan anggaran keuangan yang matang sakinah mawardah warohmah, niscaya kamu bisa mewujudkan impian satu demi satu.
  • Rajin-rajinlah membangun network, dan pastikan reputasi kamu bersih. Salah satu cara membangun jaringan yang paling efisien saat ini adalah lewat social media. Kalau kamu freelancer yang mengharapkan remahan maupun bongkahan rezeki dari jaringan yang terbentuk lewat social media, sebaiknya jangan pasang avatar setengah telanjang, apalagi livetwit kegiatan mesum yang bisa bikin kening calon klien berkerut. *uhuk*
  • Biasakan puasa Senin-Kamis. Selain bermanfaat untuk menahan lapar saat dana menipis, puasa bermanfaat untuk …. melatih kesabaran. Akan ada saatnya kamu berurusan dengan klien yang sangat gencar mengejar, namun tidak lancar dalam membayar. Alias lelet. Ketika saat itu tiba, tarik napas dalam-dalam dan tunggulah invoice cair dengan sabar. Haleluya!
  • Last but not least: belajar masak. Minimal ceplok telur dan goreng nasi. Percayalah. Percayalah.

Jadi… masih yakin pengin jadi freelancer? 😀

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My mother died 8 years ago. To me, she’s one of the strongest women in the world, yet I barely knew her. My memories of her are plenty, but having memories about someone doesn’t guarantee your understanding about that particular person.

I didn’t regret anything, though. Life has given me so much to be thankful for. I’ve been blessed beyond comprehension. Still, something was missing.

January 16th was the first time I saw Robin Lim. To me, she is a legend. I’ve heard so much about her, I read articles about her, I googled and YouTubed her like there’s no tomorrow. There’s something about this woman and I didn’t know what, or why. What I did know, I had tears on my cheek reading her interviews. To my surprise, weeks before I flew to Ubud for my 1-month vacation, my friend told me that she was working on a project with her. THE Robin Lim.

I was so surprised I couldn’t say a word. I wanted to beg her to introduce me to Robin but all I said was, “I really want to meet her. I don’t know why, I just know I do.”

One night, my friend and I went to Jazz Café where Robin’s husband, Will Hemmerle, was performing with his group. My friend introduced me to Robin, but the café was very full of noise. Robin seemed to enjoy Will’s performance so much. Didn’t want to interrupt her, I sat in the corner with my friend, looking around and drinking my beer while my friend was talking with someone else. About an hour later, I met someone who later became no other than my lover (but that’s another story).

It was funny as months later I realized, that night I met two persons who later become the most important parts in my life. Same night, same place. Life can be very funny.

I didn’t meet Robin until weeks later. I was busy hanging out with my new friend, who soon turned to be my travel fling, then finally, my boyfriend. After he left Bali, I was busy pulling myself together because my world was practically crumbling down. I fell in love. But then the other part of myself started speaking, gently, reminding me of the ‘unfinished business’.

I asked my friend would it be possible to meet Robin Lim in person. A very brave act considering my tendency to have this embarrassing reaction called “star-struck”. I had it before and it was beyond embarrassing. Still, it was worth the try.

My friend said that she couldn’t promise me a thing, but she would ask Robin if she could bring a friend the next time they work together. To my surprise, Robin said yes. I tried to pull myself together when my brain went, “HOLY SHIT I’M GOING TO MEET ROBIN LIM. I’M GOING TO SEE THE LEGEND IN  PERSONWHATSHOULDIDOWHATSHOULDISAYOHDAMNIMSODEAD.”

And so I went with my friend. I visited Bumi Sehat for the first time. Robin wasn’t there, but I was so overwhelmed by what I saw there I actually forgot my first plan. The place is just… how should I put it… heaven on earth. I felt like I can stay there forever. Bumi Sehat has this warm ambiance and everyone I met there was so full of smile. Their eyes were shining with love or some kind of mushrooms after-effect. *kidding! :D* That’s gotta be love. I felt so warm, and before I realized it, my eyes were filled with tears.

Then my friend told me that Robin was expecting us at home. My first reaction was, “At home? Seriously? Maybe I should just wait here.” Because, ladies and gents, there’s no way I would let a stranger entering my house. Or my bat cave, that is. My house is my most personal, private space.

15 minutes later, I was sitting at Robin’s kitchen table drinking fresh coconut water. Then Robin came and she hugged my friend with the tightest embrace I’ve ever seen. I was wondering how it felt like when she looked at me and greeted me in Indonesian, just two seconds before she planted a kiss on my cheek. That was the first motherly kiss I’ve ever remembered.

Hours later, I forgot my nervousness and I asked her a lot of questions regarding birth and womanhood. I forgot everything except the woman sitting gracefully in front of me, patiently answering all my questions in details. I don’t remember the exact questions I asked but I remember having tears in my eyes over and over again. It came like a wave. My eyes never stayed dry for more than 10 minutes.

Very soon, it got dark. Robin had to help delivering a baby at the clinic. I watched in silence as she tightly hugged my friend like a mother hugging her long lost child. Maybe I was exaggerating but that’s how I felt. Then came my turn. I said, “Thank you so much for having me here, Ibu.” I wasn’t ready when she pulled me into her arms, and holding me like no one ever did, she said, “I love you. Come here anytime.”

Say whaaaaaa–??

I stuttered. “R–really?” was all that came out of my lips. Because, ladies and gents, there’s no way I would say such thing even to my friends. My bat cave is mine and mine only. Let alone to a stranger I just met few hours before.

We were still hugging each other as her answer flew into my ears, “Of course! I don’t want to lose you.”

That night I cried myself to sleep. And I cried again when I woke up the next morning. But those were happy tears. I’ve never felt that way my entire life.

I got a chance to meet her again for the last time before I went back to Jakarta. It was then when I asked her, carefully and nervously, “Can I call you ‘Mom’?” Call me silly but it just felt right. She said “Yes” right away.

I thought of Ibu Robin and Bumi Sehat every day after I got back to my old life in Jakarta. Almost never a day went by without me thinking of Bumi Sehat family. Sometimes, when the feeling is unbearable, I sent her texts. She always replied, no matter how unimportant my texts were.

Today is my last day in Ubud, and my third visit to Bali this year. I always went to the same place, to see the same person. Sometimes I asked her questions. Sometimes we just sat and talked about anything. Sometimes I did nothing but watched her working on schedules, or played with the kids. It doesn’t really matter. Being there is all that I needed.

Last night before I departed we hugged each other, as usual. She planted a kiss on my cheek and as I took my bag I said, a little sadly, but also cheerfully, “Goodbye, Mom! See you soon.”

I stepped outside, and that’s when I realized, it’s so easy to call her ‘mOM’.

I think I’ve found my hOMe.

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What We Do Have

We don’t have an extravagant love, the kind that makes us jump off our feet, burns our lungs with enormous sensation, or turns an ugly frog into a charming prince. Not that kind of love.

We don’t have perfect characteristics to complete each other. We fought, we yelled, we hurt each other, we apologized, we learned, and we’re adapting.

We don’t have a fairytale-like story. We’re simply two persons in love, met by chance, separated by distance.

We don’t have many things ‘normal’ couples have: the chance to hold each other’s hand whenever we need it, to look into each other’s eyes every time we want, or to whisper gentle affection to each other’s ear all the time.

But we do have love; simple, tender and warm enough to say ‘I love you’ to each other every day and makes our eyes shine and our days bright. Love that lights strength and makes life and all its challenges bearable. Love that transforms you and me into the better, happier version of us. Love that surpasses flaws and weaknesses, and turns them into perfection. Love that makes me grateful for knowing and having such wonderful companion in my life.

I love you, Monsieur.

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A Gentle Reminder

Few nights ago I sat in my bed with iPad on my lap, browsing and checking my Facebook while getting ready to sleep.

A friend, Cedrine, posted a Facebook status that caught my attention. It was a quote from Khrisnamurti. The whole thing was in French and I had to use Google Translate to understand its meaning, but it was from Khrisnamurti. And just like that, a word echoed in my mind. Vipassana.

Vipassana is a meditation technique I frequently used when I learned to meditate four years ago. Even though the great teacher passed away long before I know about meditation, I always considered Khrisnamurti as one of my best teachers.

The word echoed till I fell asleep. Vipassana. It’s been a while.

Tonight, I attended a meditation class. As I sat in silence, I started to let everything appear in my heart and mind. Thoughts. Feeling. Emotions. Fear. Hope. Anger. Joy. Sadness. Happiness. Disappointment. Love.

I didn’t make a review. I didn’t observe. I didn’t judge. I simply watched.

2 hours later I enjoyed my dinner, still in silence. It was a little weird, doing Vipassana after quite some time. And I had a tingling sensation in my chest when I looked back at what happened in my life the past few months. It was then that I realized how much I have changed.

I used to believe that suffering and pain make heart grows stronger. We learn the most valuable lessons from sadness and anger. We become wise through disappointment and fear. We learn to face life, we learn to survive and we learn to adapt through changes and suffering.

But I forgot that heart also grows through love. Heart shines beautifully through happiness. I learned from pain but I often forgot to let myself fully basks in love and happiness.

Then another thing came to my mind. The face of someone I love so dearly. The smile on his face. The light in his eyes. The warmth of his arms, the lingering peace from his lips.

That night, I realized how my heart has grown through both pain and love. Not only it survives, not only it becomes stronger, it also shines.

That was what I need. And maybe… maybe that’s what we all need. A gentle reminder, once in while, to get us through both sides of the coin called Life.

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Traveling Sambil Shopping? MAUK!

Traveling dan shopping. Dua kata yang berjodoh sejak zaman kuda gigit besi. Sekekeuh-kekeuhnya saya mengaku sebagai perempuan yang nggak shopaholic, keinginan untuk belanja setiap kali bepergian ke luar negeri atau luar kota selalu membuncah-buncah. Prioritas belanja nomor satu? Untuk orang-orang terkasih. Ya kaleeee. Buat diri sendiri dong, ah!

Biarpun saya tidak suka belanja pakaian atau tas, saya senang berburu pernak-pernik dari kota atau negara setempat, yang bisa saya kenang sambil cengar-cengir setelah pulang. Atau, sesuatu yang sudah lama saya idam-idamkan. Contoh: waktu bertandang ke PARIS (IYA KAPITAL LAGI. SENGAJA), saya menghadiahi diri sendiri buku skenario “Before Sunrise & Before Sunset” yang sudah lama saya incar. Buku tersebut saya beli di Shakespeare & Co., yang menjadi salah satu lokasi dalam film “Before Sunset” dan dicap dengan stempel khusus bertuliskan “Kilometer Zero Paris”.

Gaya abis, lah.

Prioritas kedua, baru deh, untuk orang-orang tersayang. Di sebuah kota kecil pinggir laut, saya membeli pisau lipat untuk sahabat (yang nyaris terbawa di handbag jelang check-in dan bikin panik!), asbak untuk kawan yang perokok berat, sepaket coaster untuk adik, dan lain-lain. Di setiap kota atau negara, biasanya saya menyisihkan waktu khusus untuk berbelanja. Ada kesenangan tersendiri tiap kali saya memberikan oleh-oleh untuk sahabat atau saudara. Ya, mudah-mudahan kesenangan ini juga melancarkan rezeki, supaya bisa sering-sering traveling. Ada yang bilang, orang yang senang berbagi tidak akan pernah mengalami kekurangan karena saluran rezekinya terus mengalir. Nggak mampet, gitu.

Yak, melenceng lagi. *toyor diri sendiri*

Where were we?

Oh, ya, traveling dan shopping.

Bagi saya, traveling sepaket dengan shopping. Alias kembar siam. Alias inseparable.  Masalahnya, saya sering keteteran karena uang tunai yang saya bawa tidak cukup. Saya tidak suka mengantongi uang dalam jumlah banyak, apalagi kalau bepergian ke luar negeri, karena malas menukarkan kelebihan uang sekembalinya ke tanah air. Plus, uang tunai dalam jumlah banyak itu kok ya kesannya cari penyakit alias dadah-dadah ke maling. Dulu, waktu masih muda, saya rajin memisah-misahkan uang tunai; sebagian di dompet, sebagian di tas pinggang, sebagian di kantung tas bagian dalam, sebagian di kantung rahasia yang saya sembunyikan di balik pakaian. Niat abis. Sekarang… sutralah. Hari gini masih bawa duit segepok. Nggak bosen idup ribet?

*ditoyor pembaca*


Sekarang, untuk alasan kepraktisan dan kenyamanan, saya lebih suka membawa kartu kredit dan uang tunai secukupnya. Selain nggak menuh-menuhin dompet, saya merasa aman karena kalau sesuatu yang buruk terjadi –say, kecopetan di perjalanan *knock on wood*– saya hanya perlu memblokir kartu kredit saya. Belanja pun jadi jauh lebih mudah dan tidak perlu khawatir kehabisan uang di tengah jalan (it SUCKS, believe me!).

Dengan pertimbangan-pertimbangan di atas, saya pun menambahkan satu hal ke wish list tahun 2012: punya credit card BCA Singapore Airlines Visa (BCA SQ)!

Alasannya? Simpel: poin dari shopping pakai BCA SQ card bisa ditukar dengan KrisFlyer miles. Dan kalau KrisFlyer miles-nya udah banyak, bisa ditukar pakai flight hratis dari Singapore Airlines, yang artinya saya bisa terus traveling sambil belanja. Woooo!! Itu pertama. Kedua, well… siapa yang nggak tau reputasinya Singapore Airlines? Saya mah cinta perjalanan yang nyaman-aman-sentosa dengan servis oke. Hihihi.

Alasan ketiga, yang sebenarnya penting-nggak penting (biarin, ah!), dalam perjalanan dari Paris menuju Rennes 4 minggu lalu, kartu kredit saya ditolak ketika hendak membeli tiket kereta dari mesin. Padahal, limit masih utuh dan kartu tersebut umurnya masih seumur jagung. Untungnya, Peri Baik Hati ada di mana-mana, dan tidak semua Parisian jutek sama turis. Melihat saya kesulitan, seorang ibu menawarkan untuk memakai kartu kreditnya. Terpaksa saya meminjam kartu kredit si ibu dan menggantinya dengan uang tunai. Pelajaran supaya lain kali saya lebih berhati-hati memilih bank yang reliable. And as far as I know, BCA has a pretty good reputation. Beralih, deh!

*brb ke BCA*

*eh, masih hari Minggu yak*

*balik lagi*

Anywaaaay. Cukup cerita tentang traveling dan shopping-nya. Masih ada hutang artikel perjalanan yang perlu dilunasin! Will keep you readers updated. Yuk dadah yuk babayyy! 😉

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