What We Do Have

We don’t have an extravagant love, the kind that makes us jump off our feet, burns our lungs with enormous sensation, or turns an ugly frog into a charming prince. Not that kind of love.

We don’t have perfect characteristics to complete each other. We fought, we yelled, we hurt each other, we apologized, we learned, and we’re adapting.

We don’t have a fairytale-like story. We’re simply two persons in love, met by chance, separated by distance.

We don’t have many things ‘normal’ couples have: the chance to hold each other’s hand whenever we need it, to look into each other’s eyes every time we want, or to whisper gentle affection to each other’s ear all the time.

But we do have love; simple, tender and warm enough to say ‘I love you’ to each other every day and makes our eyes shine and our days bright. Love that lights strength and makes life and all its challenges bearable. Love that transforms you and me into the better, happier version of us. Love that surpasses flaws and weaknesses, and turns them into perfection. Love that makes me grateful for knowing and having such wonderful companion in my life.

I love you, Monsieur.

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