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Today, a month ago, I entered your bedroom—the room in which you slept by yourself after almost a month of our togetherness—and looked at your face. You looked peaceful, your mouth was slightly opened, a sign that you were too … Continue reading

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On the Highlight Moments of 2012 and Stuff

Being a social media freak that I am, the first thing I did after I woke up today was scrolling through some updates on Facebook, Twitter and Path. It was then when I saw many of my friends published “Highlight … Continue reading

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On Life and Love

Sharing life and love stories in Grazia magazine, November 2012 issue.  Thank you for the beautiful interview, G.

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One of Those Days

“I’m having a very bad day and I don’t want to talk about it.” That was my response when my boyfriend asked me how I’m doing. It’s one of those days when you’re stuck in between feeling hopeless and useless, … Continue reading

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When I Learn a New Language

It’s been quite some time since my last update. For those wondering what happened, I’ve been taking an intensive course that eats up literally half of my time and energy. I had always been a nocturnal being. My work required … Continue reading

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Jadi Freelancer? Boleh Aja Sih… Tapi Yakin?

Juli kemarin, resmi satu tahun saya menjalani hidup nekat sebagai seorang freelancer. Kenekatan yang, alhamdullilah, berhasil membuat saya survive setahun penuh, walau kadang bikin nggak bisa tidur juga dan beberapa kali terpaksa ngutang. Jadi freelancer memang penuh tantangan, makanya mbok … Continue reading

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My mother died 8 years ago. To me, she’s one of the strongest women in the world, yet I barely knew her. My memories of her are plenty, but having memories about someone doesn’t guarantee your understanding about that particular … Continue reading

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What We Do Have

We don’t have an extravagant love, the kind that makes us jump off our feet, burns our lungs with enormous sensation, or turns an ugly frog into a charming prince. Not that kind of love. We don’t have perfect characteristics … Continue reading

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A Gentle Reminder

Few nights ago I sat in my bed with iPad on my lap, browsing and checking my Facebook while getting ready to sleep. A friend, Cedrine, posted a Facebook status that caught my attention. It was a quote from Khrisnamurti. … Continue reading

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Traveling Sambil Shopping? MAUK!

Traveling dan shopping. Dua kata yang berjodoh sejak zaman kuda gigit besi. Sekekeuh-kekeuhnya saya mengaku sebagai perempuan yang nggak shopaholic, keinginan untuk belanja setiap kali bepergian ke luar negeri atau luar kota selalu membuncah-buncah. Prioritas belanja nomor satu? Untuk orang-orang … Continue reading

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