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On Life and Love

Sharing life and love stories in Grazia magazine, November 2012 issue.  Thank you for the beautiful interview, G. Advertisements

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One of Those Days

“I’m having a very bad day and I don’t want to talk about it.” That was my response when my boyfriend asked me how I’m doing. It’s one of those days when you’re stuck in between feeling hopeless and useless, … Continue reading

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A Gentle Reminder

Few nights ago I sat in my bed with iPad on my lap, browsing and checking my Facebook while getting ready to sleep. A friend, Cedrine, posted a Facebook status that caught my attention. It was a quote from Khrisnamurti. … Continue reading

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on your birthday

“Don’t worry about that extra line  That’s creeping up upon your face  It’s just a part of nature’s way  To say you’ve grown a little more  Trees have rings and thicker branches  Kids shoes get a little tighter  Every year … Continue reading

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You Know You’re in Love When…

… cheesy love songs finally make sense. … every little thing (s)he does draws a smile on your face. … it turns you from a bitter person into a better one. … you tear down every wall you’ve built though … Continue reading

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Every Woman (Yes, You Too!) Deserves…

Someone who doesn’t hesitate to tell you that he loves you. Someone who admits that he misses you. Someone who is not afraid of your tears. Someone who tells you that it’s okay to express your feelings. Someone who listens … Continue reading

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… because.

“the way you loved me vanished all the tears.”  (Take My Heart Back – Jennifer Love Hewitt) … because sometimes it’s difficult to put into words how much I love you … because words fail to express the love and … Continue reading

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sur l’amour

For our long talks in bed over tea and “spirulina” (a~ha!) For the silly faces, inside jokes, loud laughs, and lots of naughty smirks For your bright eyes when they shine in delight, and the way you look at me For … Continue reading

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You Happened

I used to love sleeping alone. Being the queen of my bed. Then you happened. I used to do many things on my own. Enjoying every bit of it — how it gave me the sense of strength and independence. … Continue reading

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